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24th June 2018 Prison Visitation

One can never grasp the true value of one’s independence till one is confined to a particular area for a myriad of reasons be it political, health grounds or as a form of civil punishment. May the Almighty Allah never allow us to face such a situation where our freedom is seized from us, Allahumo ameen.

The visitation to the female prison Kirikiri which is usually a monthly affair was extended to the male medium prison at Kirikiri because it was an Eid special occasion and Al-hurriyah projects wanted the brothers to benefit from the celebrations as well.

A delegation of 5 sisters and 2 brothers made the visit; we decided to split ourselves into 2 groups so that we could maximize the little time that the prison officials allocated to us.
The brothers went with some of the items that we brought along to the male medium prison while the sisters went with the Eid cake (of course there was cake, it’s a post Eid party yeah) and other items to the female prison.
We were welcomed by the prison officials who frisked each of us to ensure we weren’t sneaking dangerous objects in the cake was checked with a knife (as if we could hide objects or substances inside) after which we were given our prison pass which would be collected back on our way out.

The Ameerah of the prison was sent for to come and usher us inside; she came with some Muslim female inmates to pack the items we brought inside (because of the prison rules we had to leave the items outside the gate for the inmates to carry).

As the Ameerah ushered us in she gave us some quick updates on happenings from our last visit; sadly we lost a sister on Saturday 23rd she had been ill for a while and she was also a sickle sell carrier, may the Almighty Allah forgive all her shortcomings and may he reward her with Al-Jannah Firdaus, Allahumo ameen.
The next updates were fantastic news to hear the first being of as a sister who had been known to lead evangelical missions around the prison reverting to Islam and the last update being the news of the release of over 10 Muslim female prisoners during the holy month of Ramadhan (Alhamdulilahi robbil alamin).

We were welcomed with a warm reception by the female Muslim inmates ranging from different ages, size and culture who had been patiently waiting for our arrival in the Mosque. Since it was already time for the Zuhr prayer, we said the prayer in congregation  and thereafter proceeded to finally hearing from the women.
The Muslim female inmates raised their concern over the final rites of the late sister because the last information they got was that the prison officials couldn’t get in touch with the late sister’s family as the next of kin’s number was unavailable. We promised to get in touch with the Imam so he could follow up with the prison authorities on the process of giving the late sister a befitting Islamic burial.

Our revert sister was introduced to us, she actually choose the name Sekinah and we were told that she had taken her bath (dukh-ul Islam) welcoming her into Islam. She said she felt she had come to where she belongs and where she should have been. There were several words of advice to her on studying and asking questions about Islam, on being patient in times of trials and to be steadfast so as not to be tempted by shaitan to run back to her initial faith. We also asked the female Muslim inmates to put her through, and also to give her lots of encouragement and assistance.

A short lecture on keeping on in the spirit of Ramadhan and the 6 days fast of situl shawwal was given to the women after which we called it a day, the Muslim female inmates were very grateful for our visit and said lots and loads of prayers for us and our families but they were not very happy that we couldn’t wait for long we explained the situation of the road (we all know how Apapa traffic is) to them and bid them Fi Amana Allah till our next visit in July In sha Allah.