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There are very few people I often think about with awe, and one of them is Umm Zainab of Egbe. Are you wondering why? Then keep your eyes glued to the screen and read on…..

When our admin got a call from a sister called Umm Mutmahina, it was like our usual cry for help for a woman with six children but this one was living in a dump, with barely any solid structure over her head. Though we were short of funds (as per country tight for everyone), we decided to take the case up as an urgent and short case because she just had a baby and didn’t have a single kobo for delivery or taking care of the baby or its siblings. But first, we had to go see for ourselves what we were taking on.

Umm Zainab is a soft spoken niqabi, she had been a very dutiful and devoted wife who got married early and despite the hardship she faced with and at the hands of her husband (yes, there is a husband, and he ain’t dead), she stayed with him. She was moved to her dump-site accommodation four years ago and she didn’t fight him when she was left with the children on the water logged dump site of which they would move to go sleep in a masjid during the rainy season when the water could reach waist high. I really wonder how those children never caught any air or water borne disease, Allah is truly Merciful.

Unknown to the sisters in the neighbourhood, was her living condition as she made sure to keep everyone in the dark about it but Allaah brought forth her case with the birth of Mustapha, the cute little boy I call her “sababi” (Yoruba word for when something is made to be the reason for another thing happening).

When the labour pains started, she approached umm mutmahina who guessed she was I labour and they got her to a midwife just in time to have the baby who then needed oxygen and had to be rushed to hospital for extra care. When the sisters took her back home, it was with a heavy heart that they saw that her environment wasn’t work living for a baby just out of care in the hospital. That how the admits were called and went to visit her at the dump site.

We estimated less than 500K to help with her healing, family feeding and better accommodation.

I keep saying that she is a proof of the prayers of a patient person are answered even if Allah wills that the answering would not be immediate. We surpassed our target by over four times and had to beg people to stop donating as we had other projects and hers was a short one.

Alhamdulillah, we have gotten accommodation, Mustapha is well, and are still putting structures up for her and the kids with regard education for the kids, business for her, and other ways to help her manage her funds properly.

We have had calls that a lot of people live on dump sites, and that there is nothing special about her case; I say that’s not true, as Allah chose her to be an example of patience and sacrifice whose prayer has been answered.

And the reality is that Al-Hurriyah can’t play God and help everyone who lives in similar conditions, her case was unique, and though we wish that we could help others in similar situation,…..the fact is that we cannot, and may Allah continue to ease our tasks, amin.